Ukrainian forces have breached the Russian defense line near Bahmut: what is the current situation on the front

Ukrainian armed forces have successfully overcome the Russian defense line in the Bahmut region

Alexander Syrsky
Alexander Syrsky / Ukrainian Presidential Press Office

Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) have achieved a significant military success by breaking through the Russian defense line near the city of Bahmut. This was reported by the Military Media Center, citing a statement from the Commander of the Ground Forces of the UAF, General Alexander Syrsky.

"As a result of our troops' successful actions, the enemy's defense line, which they were attempting to reinforce by committing all available reserves, has been breached," noted the Commander of the Ground Forces.

Unsuccessful Counterattacks by Russian Forces

Following the loss of important settlements like Andriivka and Kleschiivka last week, Russian forces launched numerous counterattacks from various directions. However, all their attempts to regain lost positions ended in failure. Ukrainian forces maintain control over these strategically vital territories, which lie in the path of the Russian defense from Bahmut to Horlivka.

The capture of Kleschiivka, located near Bahmut, preceded the breakthrough of the Russian defense line. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky acknowledged this success and expressed gratitude to the soldiers who are reclaiming Ukrainian land in the Bahmut area.

"Today, I would like to particularly commend the soldiers who step by step are returning to Ukraine what rightfully belongs to it, namely, the lands in the Bahmut area," commented President Volodymyr Zelensky in his video address.

The Battle for Bahmut and Counteroffensive

Bahmut was captured by Russian armed forces in May, and since then, Ukrainian troops have been actively working towards liberating this territory. Ukrainian military plans to continue their offensive and strengthen their positions. Commander of the Ground Forces Alexander Syrsky held a meeting with brigade commanders in the Bahmut area to discuss the current situation and plans for new counterattacks.


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