Suspension Bridge
In Italy, a pedestrian bridge has been opened, which is the highest in Europe
Discover the new Tibetan Bridge in Italy – the highest pedestrian attraction in Europe.
Sagrada Familia Church
The completion date for the construction of the Sagrada Familia Church has been announced
In 2023, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona attracted a record number of visitors, continuing its construction, which began over 140 years ago.
In Egypt, archaeologists have discovered a delightful tomb
Discoveries in Egypt continue to astonish: from the majestic pyramids to 4,300-year-old tombs with unique paintings and mysterious black sarcophagi.
New Routes at the Czech Republic's Largest Airport, Rising Ticket Prices
The Czech Republic's Václav Havel Airport in Prague is increasing the number of flights and destinations, while Ryanair is raising ticket prices
Trummelbach falls
Underground waterfalls: a part of our world that conceals astonishing wonders
From Italy to the USA – a journey through fascinating underground waterfalls
Train on bridge
New epic voyage: you can see 13 countries in 80 days on luxury train
Embark on 80-day luxury train journey across 4 continents, 13 countries, and over 20 cities
People inside of passenger plane
Why it's safe to wear shoes on a flight - explained by a flight attendant
Aviation safety alert: why you should keep your shoes on
Ayasofya Hagia Sophia basilica, Istanbul, Turkey
Turkey introduces entrance fee for Hagia Sophia to preserve heritage
Turkey to charge foreign tourists for Hagia Sophia visits from January 15, aiming to preserve the site
Bangkok, Thailand
Thailand waives visa for Indian and Taiwanese tourists
To boost tourism, Thailand is offering visa-free entry to travelers from India and Taiwan until May 2024
Palm Islands, Dubai
Mysteries of the Palm Islands: undiscovered facts about the "Dubai miracle"
Discover amazing and little-known facts about the legendary symbol of luxury and innovation - the Palm Islands in Dubai