Aitana Lopez
Aitana: Spain's first virtual model earning up to 10,000 euros a month
Spanish designer Ruben Cruz created Aitana, Spain's first virtual model, overcoming the economic crisis
Banksy, Marble Arch, London
Banksy's Identity revealed? Published forgotten interview where artist named his own name
Discovered 2003 interview may reveal Banksy's name. In conversation with journalist, artist mentioned his real name
Light yellow and dark yellow yolks of raw eggs
Double yolks and their color: what eggs say about a chicken's health
Where do double yolks in eggs come from, and why do their colors vary? Let's delve into the topic and find out if it's related to the health of chickens
Palm Islands, Dubai
Mysteries of the Palm Islands: undiscovered facts about the "Dubai miracle"
Discover amazing and little-known facts about the legendary symbol of luxury and innovation - the Palm Islands in Dubai
Blueberries on white paper and in hands
Preserving blueberries for winter: tips and methods
Learn how to prepare and preserve blueberries for the winter season, from freezing to making jams and more. Discover the best practices to keep these nutritious berries fresh for...
Marker balls hanging from high voltage power lines
The colorful saviors of the skies: why do we actually need power line markers
Discover the true purpose of those vibrant balls on power lines and how they enhance safety for both birds and planes. Explore their history, misconceptions, and vital role in...
A spoon filled with rice on top of a table
Why smart homemakers keep a jar of rice in their closets
Learn about the various causes of wardrobe odor and options for eliminating it
Bundle of bananas
Speed up banana ripening: 4 hacks for quick and tasty results
Discover four clever hacks to accelerate the ripening of green bananas and enjoy their sweet goodness sooner
Boy in bathtub bathing
How did the bathtub come about: from ancient legends to modern luxury
Discover the rich history of the bathtub, from its mythical origins to its widespread adoption in modern homes
A person holding an egg
Peel an egg as fast as lightning: this method removes the entire shell in one motion
Discover the secrets to perfectly boiling eggs and effortlessly peeling them. Say goodbye to overcooked yolks and cracked shells