Russian 2 ruble coin
Cyprus bans all transactions in Russian rubles on its territory
US special team, including FBI and FinCEN, sent to Cyprus to investigate Russian influence and financial crimes
Antti Petteri Orpo
Finland may close border with Russia: concerns raised over number of undocumented migrants
Finnish Prime Minister Petteri Orpo expresses concern over Russian border guard policies, full border closure considered
Container ship
The mystery of the BalticConnector pipeline damage is being unveiled
The Finnish police have identified the Hong Kong-flagged cargo ship, NewNew Polar Bear, as the likely cause of damage to the BalticConnector gas pipeline beneath the Baltic Sea
Alexander Syrsky
Ukrainian forces have breached the Russian defense line near Bahmut: what is the current situation on the front
Ukrainian armed forces have successfully overcome the Russian defense line in the Bahmut region
Warsaw, Poland, Celebration of Polish Army Day
Poland's defense plan: scandal before elections reveals intention to surrender half the country to Russia
Poland's defense plan, which includes a plan to surrender half of the country to Russian occupation in the event of an attack, sparked a scandal on the eve of parliamentary...
Polish Border
European Union strengthens borders: Poland becomes the last EU country to ban vehicles with Russian license plates
Poland intensifies border control, joining a number of EU countries that prohibit vehicles registered in Russia
Explosions and fire in Sevastopol
Explosions in occupied Sevastopol: Ukrainian forces target Russian ships
Nighttime explosions and fires struck the temporarily occupied city of Sevastopol on September 13