Israel approves plan for phased release of 50 hostages

Israel, with Qatar as a mediator, has approved a plan to release 50 hostages held by HAMAS, including children

Family members of Israeli hostages held by Hamas
Family members of Israeli hostages held by Hamas / Chabad Lubavitch CC BY 2.0 DEED

The Israeli government has approved a plan for the release of hostages taken in the Gaza Strip. This plan includes the release of approximately 50 hostages, who were abducted following an attack by the terrorist group HAMAS on October 7th.

Among the hostages are 30 children, eight mothers, and 12 women. The first hostages could be released as soon as November 23rd, with the release occurring in phases, approximately 12 people per day.

Terms of hostage release

In exchange, Israel agrees to a temporary ceasefire in the Gaza Strip for five days (six hours per day) and to release between 150 and 300 Palestinian female prisoners and minors. Also, during the ceasefire, trucks carrying humanitarian aid and fuel will be allowed into Gaza, estimated to be about 300 trucks.

Qatar's assistance

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar, acting as a mediator, announced amendments to the agreement between Israel and the Gaza Strip. According to these amendments, the number of hostages to be released may be increased, and the temporary ceasefire between the parties extended.

Addendum to the agreement between Israel and the Gaza Strip
Qatar's Ministry of Foreign Affairs published an addendum to the agreement between Israel and the Gaza Strip

This signifies an expansion of the terms of the initial agreement, with Qatar acting as a mediator.

How the hostage release will proceed

The Office of the Prime Minister of Israel has developed a five-stage plan for the release and transfer of the hostages to Israel. In the first stage, HAMAS must hand over the hostages to the Red Cross, after which they will be received by representatives of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

The hostages will then undergo an initial medical examination and be taken to one of the isolated medical centers in Israel for reunification with their families. The fourth stage includes a health assessment of the hostages by medical and defense agencies to determine the possibility of their interrogation.

In the final stage, suitable hostages will undergo interrogation by security and defense agencies.

Netanyahu's statement

Before the government meeting, where the hostage release plan was discussed, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the continuation of military actions against HAMAS in the Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu emphasized that Israel's goals include the destruction of HAMAS, the release of all hostages, and ensuring Israel's security from threats emanating from the Gaza Strip. He also confirmed that the hostage release would occur in stages.


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