A stealth plane F-35 has gone missing in the US: military asks Americans for help

The U.S. military asks for public help in locating an F-35 stealth fighter that vanished after a pilot's emergency ejection

Jet plane F-35
Jet plane F-35 © unsplash.com, Arturo Alvarez

An unusual incident occurred in the sky above over South Carolina. According to reports from the Charleston Joint Base, the fighter jet disappeared into the skies over South Carolina after the pilot safely ejected on Sunday. The aircraft continued its flight on autopilot.

What is known about the causes of the incident and the condition of the F-35 pilot

Authorities are still investigating why the pilot had to eject. A representative from the Charleston Joint Base noted that the aircraft had been switched to autopilot before the pilot's ejection, as reported by ABC News.

The Marine Corps pilot successfully abandoned the F-35B Lightning II aircraft over Charleston following what military officials described as an "accident". He parachuted to safety around 14:00 local time, was promptly transported to a nearby hospital. Medical professionals assessed the pilot and confirmed their stable condition.

US military appeal to local residents and possible eyewitnesses of the incident

The United States military has called upon the public to aid in the search for a missing F-35 stealth fighter following an emergency ejection by its pilot. In a statement, the military urged anyone with information that could assist in locating the F-35 aircraft to contact the Defense Base Operations Center.


Where could the missing F-35 fighter be located at the moment

Currently, efforts to locate the missing aircraft are centered around two lakes to the north of Charleston. Considering the last known location and trajectory of the missing aircraft, search efforts are concentrated around Moultrie and Marion lakes.

What happened to the second F-35, which was flying next to the missing fighter

Meanwhile, another F-35 operated by a different pilot safely returned to the Charleston Joint Base. Both aircraft and pilots were part of the Marine Corps' 501st Training Fighter Squadron, based in Beaufort, near the South Carolina Atlantic coast.

It's worth noting that F-35s are also among the most expensive aircraft globally. The cost of the missing aircraft, which vanished on Sunday, remains unknown.

F-35 fighter: brief information

The F-35 is a fifth-generation stealth fighter-bomber renowned for its cutting-edge aerodynamic design and radar-evading capabilities. Developed by the American firm Lockheed Martin, this aircraft is virtually invisible to radar systems, making it one of the world's most advanced fighters.


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