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Aitana Lopez
Aitana: Spain's first virtual model earning up to 10,000 euros a month
Spanish designer Ruben Cruz created Aitana, Spain's first virtual model, overcoming the economic crisis
Hydrogen Icon
EU opens first hydrogen bank for green energy
The EU launches the world's first Hydrogen Bank, investing 800 million euros to boost the share of green hydrogen in the energy sector by 2050
Banksy, Marble Arch, London
Banksy's Identity revealed? Published forgotten interview where artist named his own name
Discovered 2003 interview may reveal Banksy's name. In conversation with journalist, artist mentioned his real name
Family members of Israeli hostages held by Hamas
Israel approves plan for phased release of 50 hostages
Israel, with Qatar as a mediator, has approved a plan to release 50 hostages held by HAMAS, including children
Mario Banozic
Vukovar prosecutor's office refutes information about ex-minister's condition in car accident
Vukovar prosecutor's office reports: Former Croatian defense minister was not drunk at the time of fatal car accident, investigation continues
Antti Petteri Orpo
Finland may close border with Russia: concerns raised over number of undocumented migrants
Finnish Prime Minister Petteri Orpo expresses concern over Russian border guard policies, full border closure considered
Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan
Pashinyan to skip CSTO summit in Minsk on November 23
Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan will not attend the upcoming Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) summit in Minsk, as he informed the President of Belarus in a...
US police car
Shooting near Biden's granddaughter's house: Search for suspects ongoing
Secret Service opened fire on criminals near Naomi Biden's house in Georgetown. The criminals fled the scene in a red car
Олаф Шольц
Olaf Scholz: Dialogue with Russia possible under condition of troop withdrawal
Olaf Scholz expressed readiness for negotiations with Vladimir Putin on the condition of the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine and condemned Russian aggression
Humane Ai Pin
Humane AI Pin: new revolutionary screenless smartphone debuts
Discover the Humane AI Pin, a screenless, portable smartphone that uses gestures and voice for control and projects apps onto your hand