Trummelbach falls
Underground waterfalls: a part of our world that conceals astonishing wonders
From Italy to the USA – a journey through fascinating underground waterfalls
A tic-tac-toe game made of Christmas tree branches, cinnamon sticks, and dried oranges
Christmas fun: top 5 family games for festive joy
Discover five festive and fun Christmas games perfect for family gatherings - from classic Charades to exciting Secret Santa
Three British £5 banknotes on a black background
Decline in pound value following negative UK GDP data
The pound sterling falls due to a reduction in the UK's GDP, increasing the likelihood of a recession and pressure on the Bank of England
Meta and Facebook Logos
Zuckerberg sells Meta shares for $185M after two-year hiatus
Zuckerberg sells Meta shares for $185M, first time in 2 years, amid 172% price increase
"Dancing Muses" statue, Stratonikeia, Turkey
Turkey: unique ancient Hellenistic period statue found in Stratonikeia
A 2175-year-old statue of a Muse from the Hellenistic period, crafted by Philiscus, was discovered in the ancient city of Stratonikeia, Turkey
Paul Pogba
Juventus prepares to part ways with Pogba amid major doping scandal
Footballer Paul Pogba may face a 4-year disqualification for doping, leading to a split with Juventus club
Zurich, Switzerland
Immigration and new housing shortage: is Switzerland on the verge of a housing crisis?
By the 2030s, Switzerland may face a housing crisis due to population growth and high mortgage requirements
Russian 2 ruble coin
Cyprus bans all transactions in Russian rubles on its territory
US special team, including FBI and FinCEN, sent to Cyprus to investigate Russian influence and financial crimes
Signage near the entrance to the London Stock Exchange
Two failures at the London Stock Exchange
Dual technical failure at LSE affects trading, causing concern among traders and investors
Elon Musk
Elon Musk attracts a billion in investments for his AI project xAI
Elon Musk attracts investments for xAI, a unique AI project competing with ChatGPT