A dark period in the royal family, the official statement of the Princess of Wales

The Princess of Wales discusses her battle with cancer and the support of Prince William during treatment. The family requests privacy during this time.

In a video message, the Princess of Wales shared information about her health, describing the news as a "shock".

"At the beginning of the year, I had to undergo a complex abdominal surgery in the capital of Great Britain. The doctors were confident that my condition was not cancerous... The surgery was successful. Nonetheless, subsequent tests revealed the presence of cancer.

As a result, the medical staff recommended that I start preventive chemotherapy treatment, and I am currently in the early stages of this process," she shared her experiences.

The wife of Prince William noted that he has always been by her side, supporting her. Kate also expressed that her main goal at this moment is full recovery, which requires time and privacy for the entire family.

"We hope for your understanding that during this period, we as a family need privacy so that I can complete my treatment. My activities have always filled me with joy, and I strive to return to them as soon as possible, but now my attention is fully focused on recovery," she concluded.

During the intensive therapy period, Kate, Prince William implemented specific norms for everyone in their home, ensuring peace for his wife. One informed source claims that the couple is aware of the talks circulating about the princess's health but prefers to disregard it. Kate greatly respects the advice of her doctor and is actively recovering.

While Kate is undergoing treatment, William introduced house rules, primarily aimed at their children. The Prince himself took on the responsibility of raising the three heirs, while strictly forbidding them from causing any disturbances to their mother.

But this is not the only tragedy in the royal family. At the beginning of February 2024, Buckingham Palace announced that King Charles III of Great Britain had been diagnosed with cancer and had begun the necessary treatment.


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