Poland's defense plan: scandal before elections reveals intention to surrender half the country to Russia

Poland's defense plan, which includes a plan to surrender half of the country to Russian occupation in the event of an attack, sparked a scandal on the eve of parliamentary elections

August 15, 2018. Warsaw. Poland. Celebration of the Polish Army Day
Warsaw, Poland, Celebration of the Polish Army Day, August 15, 2018 © Kancelaria Sejmu, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Former Poland's government found itself at the center of a scandal over a secret defense plan that envisioned surrendering half of the country in the event of a Russian attack. This plan, previously unknown to the public, was approved as far back as 2011.

Information leak from the ruling party

The information about the secret defense plan was revealed by the Polish ruling party "Law and Justice" via Twitter. In a video posted by the party, the current Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak confirmed the existence of the plan and claimed it was approved back in 2011 by then-Defense Minister Bogdan Klich.

Plan details

According to the information leak, the defense plan stipulated that Poland could only resist for two weeks, after which the enemy would gain control of the right bank of the Vistula River, which divides the capital city, Warsaw, in two. The video also presented photographs of fragments of this secret defense plan, and former Polish General Miroslaw Ruzhansky confirmed their authenticity.

Opposition's reaction

The opposition party "Civic Platform," which had participated in shaping this plan in the past, is outraged that the information was disclosed. It accuses the ruling party of intending to hand over part of Poland to the enemy.


Political struggle ahead of elections

It should be noted that this scandal erupted on the eve of parliamentary elections in Poland. The current ruling party "Law and Justice" and "Civic Platform" are both participating in these elections. These elections could significantly alter the country's political landscape, considering the decline in the popularity of "Law and Justice" compared to the previous elections.

In the last elections in 2019, "Law and Justice" received 43.6% of the votes, but according to the latest public opinion poll, they can now only expect 38%. "Civic Platform" led by Donald Tusk follows with 30% of the votes, and the far-right Confederation of Freedom and Independence has 11%.

The elections will be a battle for 560 seats in the National Assembly, including 460 members of the Sejm and 100 members of the Senate. According to the latest public opinion poll, "Law and Justice" has lost some of its support and will face serious competition from "Civic Platform."


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