Mysteries of the Palm Islands: undiscovered facts about the "Dubai miracle"

Discover amazing and little-known facts about the legendary symbol of luxury and innovation - the Palm Islands in Dubai

Palm Islands, Dubai
Palm Islands, Dubai ©, Jhonwayne Pumaras

The Palm Islands in Dubai are artificial islands shaped like palm trees. They are located off the coast of Dubai, UAE. These islands are one of the most ambitious construction projects in the world and a symbol of luxury and innovation.

Main Islands

Currently, there are three Palm Islands:

  1. Palm Jumeirah: This is the first and smallest of the three islands. It consists of a trunk, eighteen branches, and a surrounding crescent. The island is home to luxurious villas, apartments, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues.
  2. Palm Jebel Ali: This island is larger than Palm Jumeirah, but its construction is not yet complete. It is planned to house residential buildings, amusement parks, and other facilities.
  3. Palm Deira: This is the largest of the three islands, and its construction is also not yet complete. It was planned to include various residential and commercial properties.

These islands were created to increase Dubai's coastline and build additional luxury real estate and tourist spots for the city's guests and residents. The amount of sand used to create the islands was so vast that it could build a two-meter-high wall that could circle the Earth three times.

View of the Palm Islands, Dubai, UAE
View of the Palm Islands, Dubai, UAE ©, Eslam Tawakol

Palm Jumeirah is surrounded by an 11-kilometer crescent-shaped breakwater that protects it from water elements and winds from the Persian Gulf. This breakwater consists of a geotextile membrane, preventing sand erosion, and three layers of rocks, weighing up to 6 tons each. The breakwater has two openings for water circulation.


The total cost of building the island amounted to 12 billion US dollars.

Mystery of the Islands' Creation

The Palm Islands in Dubai are not just an architectural wonder but also an engineering one. Millions of tons of stone and sand were used for their creation, delivered to the construction site by specialized ships. Interestingly, not a gram of concrete or steel was used!

Ecological Aspect

During the construction of the islands, many new coral reefs were created. This was possible thanks to the use of natural materials. Thus, the Palm Islands not only increased the area of Dubai but also enriched its underwater world.

Transportation Wonder

Monorail, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
Monorail, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai ©, Christoph Schulz

Palm Jumeirah operates a monorail connecting the island to the mainland. It is the first monorail system in the Middle East. Riding it offers a unique opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of Dubai.

Celebrity Neighbors

Many celebrities have chosen the Palm Islands as a place to buy real estate. Among them are footballer David Beckham, actor Shah Rukh Khan, and singer Shakira. It's no wonder the islands have become a symbol of status and luxury.

These amazing facts confirm that the Palm Islands are not just a symbol of luxury but also a place where engineering artistry meets natural beauty.


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