Poland and Czech Republic strengthen border control in response to migration crisis

In light of the increasing illegal migration, Poland and Czech Republic are implementing temporary border checks on the border with Slovakia

Vehicles at the Border Control
Vehicles at the Border Control © unsplash.com, Naufal Giffari

In response to the increasing flow of illegal migrants, Poland and the Czech Republic have decided to implement temporary border checks on their borders with Slovakia. This decision was made on Tuesday, October 3, and will commence immediately the following day.

Selective Checks

The Czech Minister of Interior, Vít Rakušan, emphasized that the checks will be conducted selectively along the entire length of the border. The aim is to minimize restrictions on cross-border movement. Similar measures will be taken by Poland.

Country Collaboration

Prague and Warsaw have coordinated the introduction of this measure between themselves. As the minister highlighted, both countries are in contact with Slovakia, as well as Austria and Germany, to ensure coordinated actions.

Slovakia's Response

Slovakia's Prime Minister, Ľudovít Odor, stated that Bratislava's official response to the new border measures will be announced later.

Germany's Actions

Seeking to control migration flows, Germany has also strengthened border control on its borders with Poland and the Czech Republic. This decision was announced by Germany's Minister of Interior, Nancy Fezer.

Overall, the decision to introduce temporary border checks is a response to the growing issue of illegal migration. Central European countries are actively collaborating to collectively address this challenge.


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