Bellagio Resort's grand makeover: a $110 million transformation

Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas embarks on a $110 million renovation, infusing Italy's Lake Como elegance into its Spa Tower rooms, set to unveil in October

Bellagio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, USA

Bellagio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, USA ©, David Vives

Las Vegas, a city known for its glitz and glamour, houses the iconic Bellagio resort, which is currently in the midst of a grand transformation. With a whopping budget of $110 million, the resort is revamping its luxurious Spa Tower.

This ambitious project aims to infuse the rooms and suites with contemporary designs, drawing inspiration from the serene beauty of Italy's Lake Como.


This renovation isn't the first for the Bellagio. The resort recently upgraded over 2,500 guest rooms in its main tower. The Spa Tower, which is the focus of the current renovation, boasts 819 guestrooms and 104 suites.

The grand reveal of these refurbished rooms is eagerly anticipated in October.

Ann Hoff, the President & COO of Bellagio, emphasized the resort's dedication to offering unmatched accommodations and experiences. She believes that the newly designed suites and guest rooms in the Spa Tower will further solidify Bellagio's reputation as a top-tier destination in the hospitality industry.

Who will design new interiors in Bellagio

The design responsibility was entrusted to the New York City-based interior design atelier, Champalimaud Design, in collaboration with MGM Resorts International Design Group. The revamped rooms will showcase sophisticated design elements, custom furnishings, and artwork that resonates with high Italian style and couture.

The color schemes are inspired by the vibrant hues of Lake Como and the Alps, with corridors featuring midnight blue doors and radiant handmade Italian light fixtures.


What design concept was developed for the reconstruction of the rooms

The suites will be adorned with neutral wall coverings, setting a stylish backdrop for custom furnishings and accent pieces that echo the colors of Northern Italy. The bedrooms will be characterized by cream-colored curved headboards, custom TV armoires with a sycamore wood grain finish, and floral motifs paying tribute to Italian fashion.

The spacious suites will exude a blend of whimsy and elegance, with curvilinear sofas, benches, and chairs. The bathrooms are designed for luxury, featuring custom vanities, lighted mirrors, and pristine white marble surfaces.

Winston Kong, a Partner at Champalimaud Design, shared that the design inspiration was drawn from Lake Como's vibrant flora and the classic architectural style of the buildings.

The Spa Tower offers a diverse range of suites, including the 850-square-foot Salon Suites, 1,500-square-foot Penthouses, and the expansive 2,500-square-foot Executive Hospitality Suites, equipped with billiards lounges and home theater living areas.

Following the completion of the Spa Tower's renovation, the next phase in 2024 will focus on enhancing the Bellagio Tower's approximately 400 suites, with the design helm once again being handed to the talented team at Champalimaud Design.


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