New epic voyage: you can see 13 countries in 80 days on luxury train

Embark on 80-day luxury train journey across 4 continents, 13 countries, and over 20 cities

Train on bridge
Train on bridge ©, Jack Anstey

Railbookers, a train travel specialist company, has crafted an extraordinary 80-day luxury train journey that spans four continents and 13 countries. This voyage offers travelers the chance to experience some of the world's most renowned landmarks and breathtaking landscapes from the comfort of opulent historic train cars.

Passengers can look forward to lavish dining, sumptuous private train cabins, and stays in exquisite hotels. The trip includes rides on seven prestigious trains and visits to over 20 cities.

Notable highlights include castle tours in Eastern Europe, a safari in South Africa, and a scenic trip on the Eastern and Oriental Express in Southeast Asia. Designed in response to a surge in demand for luxury train travel, the itinerary also allows for customization and shorter segments.

Restaurant on a luxury train
Restaurant on a luxury train ©, limende Inagella

With sightseeing, hotel stays, and most logistics expertly handled by Railbookers, this indulgent expedition emphasizes the leisure of slow travel, ensuring ample time for exploration and relaxation at each stop.

The adventure starts on August 28, 2024, with prices beginning at $119,599 per person.


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