Boxes of 23andMe DNA tests
The 23andMe hack affected millions of customers: company faces class-action lawsuits
23andMe confirms leak of DNA data of 7 million customers, affecting finances and leading to legal suits
Mario Banozic
Vukovar prosecutor's office refutes information about ex-minister's condition in car accident
Vukovar prosecutor's office reports: Former Croatian defense minister was not drunk at the time of fatal car accident, investigation continues
US police car
Shooting near Biden's granddaughter's house: Search for suspects ongoing
Secret Service opened fire on criminals near Naomi Biden's house in Georgetown. The criminals fled the scene in a red car
Container ship
The mystery of the BalticConnector pipeline damage is being unveiled
The Finnish police have identified the Hong Kong-flagged cargo ship, NewNew Polar Bear, as the likely cause of damage to the BalticConnector gas pipeline beneath the Baltic Sea
Jet plane F-35
A stealth plane F-35 has gone missing in the US: military asks Americans for help
The U.S. military asks for public help in locating an F-35 stealth fighter that vanished after a pilot's emergency ejection
Explosions and fire in Sevastopol
Explosions in occupied Sevastopol: Ukrainian forces target Russian ships
Nighttime explosions and fires struck the temporarily occupied city of Sevastopol on September 13
Toyota Factory
Software malfunction halts operations at all Toyota plants in Japan
All Toyota factories in Japan have suspended production due to a major software glitch. The malfunction is not related to cyberattacks, and the company plans to resume operations...