The daughter of the King of Norway, Princess Martha Louise, and American shaman Durek Verrett are planning to get married in August 2024

Royal Wedding: Norway and the USA unite in an unusual marriage. Princess Martha Louise of Norway and American shaman Durek Verrett are preparing for their wedding

Princess Märtha Louise and Shaman Durek
Princess Märtha Louise and Shaman Durek © Prinsesse Martha Louise og Shaman Durek, by Henderson, D., NTB scanpix. CC BY-NC 4.0.

Princess Martha Louise, the daughter of King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway, announced her plans to marry an American shaman named Durek Verrett.

The wedding is scheduled for the end of August 2024 and will take place in the Norwegian village of Geiranger, located on the shores of a UNESCO World Heritage-listed fjord.

This marriage has garnered attention not only because of the royal connection but also due to the unconventional personality of the groom. Durek Verrett, an African American author, refers to himself as a "spiritual shaman."

He has attracted public attention with his alternative healing practices, which lack formal medical education or qualifications.


Verrett believes that cancer is a choice made by individuals and sells amulets online that he claims can protect against COVID-19. His unconventional claims and methods have attracted notable and celebrity clients such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Nina Dobrev, and Antonio Banderas.

Durek Verrett himself is known for his predictions and claims to have risen from the dead. He predicted the September 11th attack on America two years before it happened.

Princess Märtha Louise of Norway
Princess Martha Louise of Norway © Richter Frank-Jurgen, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Princess Martha Louise had previously abandoned her royal duties in favor of pursuing alternative medicine, which means her future husband, despite entering the royal family, will not receive a royal title.

This marriage promises to be unique and intriguing to society as it combines royal heritage with the world of alternative medicine.


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