Banksy's Identity revealed? Published forgotten interview where artist named his own name

Discovered 2003 interview may reveal Banksy's name. In conversation with journalist, artist mentioned his real name

Banksy, Marble Arch, London
Banksy, Marble Arch, London ©, Niv Singer

An old 2003 interview with Banksy, the famous British graffiti artist, which was conducted in 2003 but has never been published until now, has been found in the archives. In this interview, Banksy, who usually hides his identity, may have accidentally revealed his real name.

When the interview host, former BBC arts correspondent Nigel Wrench, asked if he could use his real name, mentioning that The Independent newspaper had already referred to him as Robert Banks, Banksy replied: "Yes, it's Robbie".

Who is Banksy

Banksy is an anonymous artist working in graffiti style, whose identity remains a mystery. He is known for his provocative and often politically charged works that appear on the streets of cities around the world. Banksy began his activity in Bristol, UK, in the 1990s as part of a broader collective of artists and musicians.

One of Banksy's most famous works is "Girl with a Balloon". In addition, he has organized several exhibitions and art projects, including "Dismaland", a parody of theme parks. Despite his popularity, Banksy remains anonymous, adding mystery to his persona and works.


Who Could Be Behind Banksy's Identity

For a long time, people have been trying to guess who really is behind the pseudonym of Banksy, the famous street artist. There are many theories, but some of them seem more convincing.

For example, one of the main candidates is Robert del Naja, founder of the group Massive Attack, also known in the graffiti world under the pseudonym 3D. Suspicions arose due to the coincidence of the band's concert dates with the emergence of new works by Banksy.

Other assumptions include Jamie Hewlett, co-founder of the Gorillaz band, Robin Gunningham, a resident of Bristol, and Neil Buchanan, a host of children's TV shows, who even issued a statement denying his connection with Banksy during the pandemic.

There is also a theory that Banksy might not be one person but a group of artists. However, the exact identity of Banksy remains a mystery.


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