Saudi Arabia and Iran restore diplomatic relations after a seven-year break

Two leading Middle Eastern countries aim to strengthen cooperation against the backdrop of their growing role in international alliances, particularly in BRICS

Flags of Iran and Saudi Arabia (collage)

Flags of Iran and Saudi Arabia (collage)

After a seven-year hiatus in diplomatic relations, Saudi Arabia and Iran have decided to come closer, exchanging embassies. According to the new Saudi Arabian ambassador to Tehran, Abdulla al-Enezi, it is crucial to reinforce and enhance the relationship between the two nations. Alireza Enayati, Iran's ambassador, has already arrived in Riyadh.

This move is particularly significant, especially considering the invitation for Iran and Saudi Arabia to join the international BRICS group. Clearly, both countries are keen to expand their ties not only on a political level but also in business and trade sectors.


Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi emphasized that such cooperation could significantly improve the positions of both countries on the regional and global stage, and also limit the possibility of external interference in their affairs.

It's essential to recall that in 2016, relations between these two countries became tense after a prominent Shiite cleric, accused of terrorism, was executed in Saudi Arabia. In response, Iranian protesters attacked the Saudi Arabian embassy in Tehran.

More on the Restoration of Diplomatic Relations

The Saudi ambassador to Iran, Abdalla ben Saud al-Anazi, visited Tehran on Tuesday. Just hours before, Iranian ambassador Alireza Enayati arrived in Riyadh, as reported by the Iranian agency IRNA.

Interestingly, before his assignment in Iran, Abdalla ben Saud al-Anazi represented Saudi Arabia as its ambassador to Oman.

This year has been pivotal in the relationship between the two countries

In March, in Beijing, they signed a key agreement to restore diplomatic relations and continue the operations of their diplomatic missions within the next two months.

On April 6th, both sides officially confirmed their decision to promptly restore diplomatic ties.


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