Restrictions on airfare may make vacations in Italy more affordable

The Italian government is imposing restrictions on airfare to popular resorts in Sardinia and Sicily, aimed at reducing vacation costs.


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The Italian government is striving to make vacations on two key resort islands - Sardinia and Sicily - more accessible to tourists.

According to The Sun publication, the new restrictions will be in effect during peak summer months and holidays when the demand for these regions is the highest.


Airfare prices can surge up to 830% compared to regular rates. For instance, the cost of a flight from Rome to Palermo can reach 511 euros, which is more expensive than a flight from Rome to New York.

To address this issue, the Italian government passed a law that prohibits the sale of airline tickets for domestic flights to Sicily and Sardinia at prices exceeding regular rates by more than 200%.

The new legislation also bans sharp price hikes during emergency situations in the country.

Adolfo Urso, the Minister of Industry of Italy, commented on this decision as a protection of the market and consumers.

However, the airline Ryanair expressed its dissatisfaction with the new law, calling it "senseless and illegal."


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