Carjackers' new tactic using a plastic bottle

Carjackers are employing a new method using a plastic bottle to distract the driver and steal the car.



Car © / Joshua Köller

Car theft is one of the most common crimes in today's world, and unfortunately, many such cases go unpunished.

Criminals are constantly looking for new ways to bypass security systems and steal a car. One of the latest and most inventive methods involves using a plastic bottle.


Carjackers attach it inside the car's wheel arch. As soon as the driver starts the car and begins to move, they hear an unusual sound created by the wheel crushing the bottle.

Naturally, the driver stops to check the source of the noise, leaving the keys in the ignition.

At this moment, taking advantage of the situation, the carjacker quickly gets behind the wheel and drives away in the stolen car.

The police advise drivers to always check the wheels before getting into the car and to be alert to avoid becoming the next victim of this cunning theft method.

Plastic Bottle: A Double Threat to Motorists

The situation with the plastic bottle attached by carjackers to the wheel arch is becoming increasingly common. However, besides the threat of car theft, there's another danger many motorists are unaware of.


When a driver hears the unusual sound made by the bottle, their first reaction is to stop and check the car. At this point, they become vulnerable not only to carjackers but also to thieves who can quickly rob the car. After all, the sound of the crushed bottle can signal criminals that the driver is distracted and the car is unattended.

Thieves, aware of this trick, might be nearby, watching the driver's reaction. While the driver inspects the car for the source of the noise, criminals can swiftly enter the vehicle, take valuable items, documents, or even keys to another car or home.

Thus, even if the carjacker decides against action, the driver still risks losing their personal belongings.

To prevent such situations, motorists are advised to always lock their cars, even if they leave it for just a few minutes.

It's also advisable to avoid leaving valuable items in plain sight inside the car to not attract potential thieves' attention.


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