Juventus prepares to part ways with Pogba amid major doping scandal

Footballer Paul Pogba may face a 4-year disqualification for doping, leading to a split with Juventus club

Paul Pogba
Paul Pogba / Muhammad Ashiq, CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED

French footballer Paul Pogba, playing for the Italian club "Juventus," faces a threat of a four-year disqualification after synthetic testosterone was found in his blood.

This demand was put forward by the National Anti-Doping Prosecutor of Italy. All this occurred after tests showed the presence of testosterone in his body, which is claimed to have an external origin.

This information appeared when it seemed the Frenchman had overcome recent injuries and was finally ready to fully focus on football.

Pogba also faced non-sporting issues, including an investigation against his brother Mathias, where he revealed attempts to extort 13 million euros from him, holding him at gunpoint in his Paris apartment.


Pogba had already been temporarily suspended since September 11, after a test on August 20 showed a positive result. He missed most of the 2022/23 season due to injuries and couldn't participate in the World Cup in Qatar, where France finished second.

Pogba admitted to using a dietary supplement recommended by a doctor from Miami, claiming it helped him recover faster. However, this supplement apparently contained substances banned in Europe.

However, Pogba flatly refused to admit his guilt, complicating the situation, as admitting guilt could have reduced the term to two years. Now he faces a court trial, and without mitigating circumstances, he could receive the maximum punishment.

Remember, Pogba moved to "Manchester United" in 2016 but returned to "Juventus" in 2022 after a not-so-successful period in England. It's worth noting that his contract with Juventus is valid until the summer of 2026.

The decision on his disqualification is not yet made, and it's still unclear how this will affect his career. However, information has already emerged that the football club "Juventus" and its player Paul Pogba are on the brink of parting ways, in light of the impending disqualification of the French footballer.


"Juventus" was informed about the doping prosecutor's demand for a four-year disqualification before it became public knowledge. It's reported that the club is preparing for an impending relationship breakup with the player after the official announcement of the final decision.

The club stated it will not take official actions until the ban becomes official. Afterward, "Juventus" intends to discuss with Pogba the terms of his dismissal, including potential financial compensation, which might allow the club to save up to 30 million euros.

"Juventus" also emphasized that they are not involved in Pogba's case, as the doctor who prescribed him the medication is not associated with the club.


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