Boxes of 23andMe DNA tests
The 23andMe hack affected millions of customers: company faces class-action lawsuits
23andMe confirms leak of DNA data of 7 million customers, affecting finances and leading to legal suits
Aitana Lopez
Aitana: Spain's first virtual model earning up to 10,000 euros a month
Spanish designer Ruben Cruz created Aitana, Spain's first virtual model, overcoming the economic crisis
Hydrogen Icon
EU opens first hydrogen bank for green energy
The EU launches the world's first Hydrogen Bank, investing 800 million euros to boost the share of green hydrogen in the energy sector by 2050
Humane Ai Pin
Humane AI Pin: new revolutionary screenless smartphone debuts
Discover the Humane AI Pin, a screenless, portable smartphone that uses gestures and voice for control and projects apps onto your hand
iOS Emblem
Apple has unveiled iOS 17: new features and updates for iPhone
Apple has released iOS 17 with improved capabilities, interactive widgets, and revolutionary changes for the iPhone 15
Marker balls hanging from high voltage power lines
The colorful saviors of the skies: why do we actually need power line markers
Discover the true purpose of those vibrant balls on power lines and how they enhance safety for both birds and planes. Explore their history, misconceptions, and vital role in...
Man with electric scooter
Paris to cease electric scooter rentals after referendum
Following a city referendum with over 100,000 Parisians participating, the French capital will ban rented electric scooters from September 1st